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Senta Georgia

Principal Investigator

Senta Georgia is an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at The Saban Research Institute of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and the Department of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at USC. She attended Stanford University, earning her B.S. in Biological Sciences and dual departmental honors in Biological Sciences and Ethics in Society. She earned her PhD at UCLA in Molecular Biology. Her dissertation focused on the role of cell cycle molecules in the establishment, expansion and maintenance of beta cell mass. She was a postdoctoral fellow and assistant adjunct professor at the Hillblom Islet Research Center at UCLA, where her research focused on how DNA methylation restricts progenitor cell differentiation during pancreatic organogenesis and how DNA methylation maintains beta cell identity in adulthood. Her lab at CHLA focuses on the regeneration of beta cells by cellular reprogramming and the mechanisms by which DNA methylation restricts cellular identity in intestinal stem cells. A native of South Jersey, she is a wife and a mom of two happy little kids. She enjoys being a purveyor of fine spirits, an enthusiast of thriller/ horror films and a casual gastronomist.

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