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Growing hope: New organs? Not yet, but stem cell research is getting closer

If you lose a limb, it’s lost for life. If you damage a kidney, you won’t grow a new one. And if you have a heart attack, the scars are there to stay. But regenerative medicine is poised to change […]

A revolution in genetics

A child develops a rare form of diabetes, due to the absence of a single piece of DNA in his genetic code. At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a dedicated researcher is working to cure this young patient. How? With gene-editing […]

USC’s stem cell scientists secure the dollars to fight disease

The price of progress is not only the energy and talent of stem cell scientists, but also the research dollars that support their discoveries. In recent months, faculty members have secured numerous grants to support stem cell-based approaches to study […]

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles spotlights Senta Georgia

In salute to 2017 International Women’s Day, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles spotlighted eight trailblazing women—including Senta Georgia. To read more, visit

What I’m Reading: Senta Georgia offers top picks

In the human pancreas, groups of so-called “endocrine cells” secrete the hormones insulin and glucagon, which are critical for regulating blood glucose levels; dysregulation of hormone secretion can lead to diabetes. In a recent edition of the journal Diabetes, Klaus […]

Senta Georgia wins CIRM Discovery Inception award

Senta Georgia—principal investigator at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), and assistant professor of pediatrics, and stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at USC—has a creative idea for helping children with a genetic form of diabetes and malabsorptive diarrhea called enteric […]

Georgia Lab launches new website

The lab is pleased to introduce our new website.